ItPA, Italian proteomics Association, has been particularly focused in the last years in providing a common framework of exchange between the fast advancing challenges in the Human Proteomics field and the non-Human - Comparative Proteome investigations. The interaction between these two different worlds has already produced the first actual Proteomics product for the health-care market, the MALDI-Biotyper and its twin products. We have started several initiatives in this light since 2011 in Turin with a dedicated workshop “Proteomics in Health and Food” and the European Commission of Science and technologies workshop 2012 in Viterbo. We aim to explore the most recent developments of proteomics in the field of human health in relationship to nutrition, thus touching both clinical proteomics investigations and non-human proteome studies. This will be the leitmotiv of the EuPA scientific program which will be following the HPP workshop inside the EXPO2015. This unique condition will open to the proteomics community an unprecedented window to possibly communicate to the society the fundamental advancements of Proteomics research.  
The key topics of:
  • Food Proteomics
  • Healthcare and diagnostic
  • Systems biology
These will be explored in a scientific program touching:
  1. Microbial Proteomics
  2. Comparative, model organism Proteomics
  3. Human Proteome Project initiatives
  4. Plants proteomics
  5. Systems biology


More informations are avaible soon.